Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Its been a while

You can tell it's the school holidays because I've actually got some time to update my stores (madeit and website) and write a blog post.

While I've been quiet I've been busy working on blankets for Four Ducklings at Gerringong.  If you are heading down the South Coast of NSW I suggest to take the turn off to Gerringong and pop by this delightful store full of beautifully selected baby and kids items.

I've also been filling wholesale orders for Quirky and Quaint. This year I have an exclusive range titled "Into the Woods".  To my surprise the Koala and Kitten beanie have been pretty popular.  They are great fun to make and I love the fact that I came up with my own version of animal beanies - there are so many types of them out there, so it was hard coming up with a design that no one else had come up with.

NB:  The Fox beanie pattern I use was designed by Unravel Me Designs.  I have played with the ears so that they are double the thickness and have a 3D effect so they stand up. I also use my own basic beanie pattern to make sure my sizes are consistent.

Apart from that I've been working 4 days a week at my day job.  This coming term I need to complete a qualification so I have dropped down to 3 days, hopefully this will also enable me to create and blog more.

Til next time,


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