Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do facebook showcases work?

OOAK Lucy Beanie made for Missy Bug Boutique's "Touch of Frost" Showcase
I don't know about you but I never seem to sell products that are part of Facebook Showcases.  Others seem to go really well with them.  I've given 3 ago over the last 6 months and no sales. 

So why do I bother? Well to be honest its all about exposure.  Shoppers are drawn to these Showcases and its an opportunity to get my name and products in front of prospective buyers.  There were some big 'handmade' names in the Touch of Frost Showcase and it was an honour to have my beanie in the same album. 

In saying that my sales have not increased and going by my Facebook Insights there was not a significant increase in Likes or Reach during this time.  To be honest my Handkerchief sale produced more likes and reach but I did spend $5.00 on Facebook promotion which I'm sure helped.   Plus I had not internet access last week which meant that I wasn't able to promote my inclusion in this showcase to my Likers.

I haven't given up on them yet, I'm in another Showcase later this month - Sweet Calico's "Pretty in Pink, Cool in Mint' Showcase.  There are so many beautiful products in this Showcase surly my Butterfly Beanie will be get sold!  

A sample of the pretty products that will be in the Pretty in Pink, Cool in Mint Showcase

The 'Pretty in Pink, Cool in Mint' showcase will open at 8pm (SA time) 
on Wednesday 28th May and close at 8pm (SA time) on Wed 4th June.

I'm not totally sold on this whole Showcase idea but I'll stick with it for a while longer.

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