Sunday, April 06, 2014

Circles in Octagons

Its finally finished!

A few weeks ago I posted a progress shot of this blanket (Receiving Blanket - work in progress).  In this post I proudly spoke about how I was going to join the motifs together with the middle diamond, well lets just say that after I completed the blanket (see image below) I wasn't happy with the finished product.  

I wasn't happy about the lack of joins between the Octagons, it made the fabric floppy and the large holes are not ideal for little ones and their little hands and fingers.  If I had of been thinking about this I would of joined the work together using the last round of octagons and not the diamonds.  

So in the end I undid the entire blanket, which meant every diamond and triangle had to be remade, and I hand sewed the blanket together.  It took me 3 nights to sew the blanket together (about 15 hours) and it was well worth it as the finished product is beautiful, even if I do say so myself.
"I remember now why I don't make these blankets often, 3 nights of hand sewing" 
You can find this pattern and many others on my "Crochet Blankets" Board on Pinterest.  I add to this board all the time so please follow me to see what I find. 

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