Friday, June 14, 2013

Market preparation - My new table cover

After my last market I vowed I would no longer use my very large damask tablecloth that once belonged to my grandmother.  Its pretty but usually its too big for my market table and an absolute pain in the bottom to iron.   Plus it always looks un-ironed when I get to the market!

A while back my friend Kasia from Ink.Paper.Cloth recommend Caspa Australia's Trestle Table Covers. After checking them out and seeing how user friendly they are, down to the cross over opening for discreet access to stored items under the table, I decided I would purchase one.

In the past I've had a Vistaprint banner which I have struggled to affix to my tablecloth or on the wall behind my market table. Usually I give up and don't bother putting up any signage, which is a shame because I know I'm missing out on some additional brand exposure.    

To avoid this struggle at my next market, Dreamers Market on 20th July, I asked my friend Christina from CC Design Management to print my logo onto my new tablecloth.  Doesn't it look good!

I'm sure I'll be saving myself at least 20 minutes in setting up time now I have my lovely new tablecloth!

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Jeanie (Inspired Wish) said...

It looks very impressive!