Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be Prepared

My custom made birthday PJ bottoms by Little Toot Creative.

Wow I'm 37 today.  I'm in disbelief that I am now in my late 30's.  Gosh it only feels like the other day I will living in Elwood, enjoying the St Kilda nightlife and working at Pasminco. 

All this has got me thinking about the number 7 and how it is a significant number in my life. 

When I was 7 I loved Barbie and I took my Brownie Promise.  This was the start of of Guide/Scouting journey.  A journey that introduced me to so many people and adventures.

At 17 I was studying hard for the HSC.  I was dating the darling Matt, a boy who introduced me to the world of fantasy books and was the first person outside my family that truly believed in me.  I was working at McDonalds Merrylands at the time.  I spent many hours at McDonald's working, cleaning, serving and flirting. 

In my 17th year I also made the decision that I would attend the 9th Australian Venture.  Instead of  going to Queensland to write myself off I decided to go to Queensland to go camping.  This camp changed my life as I met some amazing people, one of them my dear friend Andrew. Andrew has been a great friend ever since, we even named our second born after him (and our other dear friend Andrew Edgecombe). I also met my dear friend Dianne who 12 months later introduced me to her Rover friends, one of these being my now husband Brett.

By 27 I had already been married a year and we were living it up in Collingwood with the snot brothers and we didn't have a care in the world.  We worked hard and enjoyed our newly wed life.. Thoughts of children and house ownership were fair from our thoughts.  My main preoccupation was completing my Business Degree and work.

Now at 37 my life is completely different.  Brett and I are still going strong, I finished my degree with distinction and soon after stopped working full time.  We now have 3 mischievous children, a house and a cat, the same breed as the snot brothers but no snot.  

We no longer live in Melbourne.  We now call the  beautiful South Coast of NSW our home and life is pretty good. Sure we've had our ups and downs but all in all life at 37 is pretty good.  I wonder what 47 will be like Mr J 

It incredible to think how different my life would be if not for a simple promise I made when I was 7. 

Thank you Baden Powell. 

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