Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dropping the Ball

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

To be honest life has been like a roller-coaster of late. Great highs and depressing lows. I'm honestly trying to put a brave face on it but this week I just couldn't cope and the mask came off.

The tears started to roll, I started to over think things and all of a sudden I couldn't function. And with that all the balls I had been juggling fell to the ground.

To be honest I DO NOT WANT TO MOVE.

To be honest I'M SCARED TO DEATH of how the kids will go with another move.

To be honest I KNOW THINGS WILL WORK OUT but its a little hard to believe this week.

People keep saying I need to step back, but from what? My business that I've nurtured for 4 years, my blogs which are gaining traffic and earning some pocket money, the ABA, the ASD group, crochet teaching, working at the museum ... yes I am involved in a lot but I enjoy it all.

The move will kill most of these commitments as I can't do them if I'm not living here.  '

I'll keep you posted.

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