Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts from the Shop

I never saw myself as a shop girl, I never dreamed of owning or running my own physical shop.  To be honest I never dreamt of having an online store either until a few years ago.   I guess it has to do with my Mum and the Nuns at school, they always wanted us to dream big.

Last week I had the opportunity to play shop, as the Owner of my local wool shop, Sew Good Knit Too, went on holidays and left me in charge.  I actually like being a shop girl, I loved serving the the crafty customers who came in and talking to them about their latest projects.

I also lernt a learnt a few things last week, these being;
  •  I’m still crap at maths and I’m so glad my girl friend popped by the store and helped me nut out how to make the ‘change’ function work on the cash register.
  • That if I did this, i.e. work in a shop all the time, I would need to keep myself busy by taking up a new craft or two. 
  • That I love chatting with crafty people, especially the oldies who can crochet.
  • That there are more young people in my area doing crafts than I thought.
  • There are a lot of large bottomed women, including myself, that are into craft.  The wool shop isn’t the place where gym junkies hang out when they aren’t at the gym.
  • How pedantic I am about organising things like wool and cotton spools.  I had the task of moving the baby wool to the back of the store, I found this quite therapeutic.  I also got a sick pleasure out of tidying the greeting cards and putting the misplaced cards back in their proper spot. 
  • Lots of people like to window shop.
  • Don’t mess with a women on a yarn mission.
  • Blokes find wool shops as daunting as Lingerie stores.
  • A customer will turn up when you are about to close the shop.
  • I need to learn to knit and get my Nana's sewing machine out so I can sew something

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