Monday, February 25, 2013

Flower of the month: Primrose

Source: Pinterest

Crochet Primrose by C Percy Designs

Left: {Insert}   Right: Crochet Carnations created by me. Pattern below.

The Primrose symbolises Modesty, distinction, and virtue. 

After creating an Primrose inspiration board on Pinterest I got started on making some Primroses.  To be honest I've never really studied the construction of the Primrose flower.  Its actually a very pretty flower.  I love its star shaped centre and its petals with that have a dip in the middle.

Crochet Primrose
Pattern by Christine McInerney Percy of C Percy Designs

Hook Size: 2.50 mm
Yarn: 4 ply cotton in yellow and white

This pattern is written in International Terminology

Not required.


ch - chain
dc - double crochet (US sc)
sl st - slip stitch
st - stitch
tr - treble crochet (US dc)
dtr - double treble crochet
htr - half treble crochet (US hdc)

Using Yellow crochet thread create a magic loop.

Row 1: dc in the magic loop 10 times.  sl st in to 1st dc. Tighten ring.

Row 2: (1 ch, 3 tr in next dc, 1ch, sl st into next dc) repeat around, sl st into 1st st.

Row 3: Change Colour.  dc into dc from Rnd 1, (3 ch, 4 dtr in 1st tr, 1 ch, hdc in next tr, 3 dtr tr in next tr, 3 ch, dc into dc from Rnd 1) repeat around. FO.

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