Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Easter Show

Its hard not to dream big when your view is this.  Photo taken using Instragram

At the start of January I attended an Amigurumi workshop at Customs House hosted by the Knitters Guild of NSW.  The class was taught by the lovely Stacey Troch of Freshstitches.  I had a wonderful child free day in Sydney, where I met so many lovely happy hookers.  The merry bunch at my end of the table chattered merrily about yarn, crochet techniques, the latest TVs shows and lots more.  Oh and during all this we followed Stacey's excellent tutorage. 

Part way thru making Nelson the Owl.  Pattern by Stacey Troch

I had toyed with the idea of joining the Knitters Guild for quite some time and I have always dreamt of entering something into the prestigious Royal Easter Show. I never knew that they were link until this I got speaking to the Knitters Guild's Treasurer and some other members from the inner city group.  With their encouragement I decided to join the guild and enter not just 1 but 3 items into the 2013 Easter Show.

I'll post my creations over the next few weeks.  Wish me luck!

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