Monday, February 25, 2013

Flower of the month: Primrose

Source: Pinterest

Crochet Primrose by C Percy Designs

Left: {Insert}   Right: Crochet Carnations created by me. Pattern below.

The Primrose symbolises Modesty, distinction, and virtue. 

After creating an Primrose inspiration board on Pinterest I got started on making some Primroses.  To be honest I've never really studied the construction of the Primrose flower.  Its actually a very pretty flower.  I love its star shaped centre and its petals with that have a dip in the middle.

Crochet Primrose
Pattern by Christine McInerney Percy of C Percy Designs

Hook Size: 2.50 mm
Yarn: 4 ply cotton in yellow and white

This pattern is written in International Terminology

Not required.


ch - chain
dc - double crochet (US sc)
sl st - slip stitch
st - stitch
tr - treble crochet (US dc)
dtr - double treble crochet
htr - half treble crochet (US hdc)

Using Yellow crochet thread create a magic loop.

Row 1: dc in the magic loop 10 times.  sl st in to 1st dc. Tighten ring.

Row 2: (1 ch, 3 tr in next dc, 1ch, sl st into next dc) repeat around, sl st into 1st st.

Row 3: Change Colour.  dc into dc from Rnd 1, (3 ch, 4 dtr in 1st tr, 1 ch, hdc in next tr, 3 dtr tr in next tr, 3 ch, dc into dc from Rnd 1) repeat around. FO.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts from the Shop

I never saw myself as a shop girl, I never dreamed of owning or running my own physical shop.  To be honest I never dreamt of having an online store either until a few years ago.   I guess it has to do with my Mum and the Nuns at school, they always wanted us to dream big.

Last week I had the opportunity to play shop, as the Owner of my local wool shop, Sew Good Knit Too, went on holidays and left me in charge.  I actually like being a shop girl, I loved serving the the crafty customers who came in and talking to them about their latest projects.

I also lernt a learnt a few things last week, these being;
  •  I’m still crap at maths and I’m so glad my girl friend popped by the store and helped me nut out how to make the ‘change’ function work on the cash register.
  • That if I did this, i.e. work in a shop all the time, I would need to keep myself busy by taking up a new craft or two. 
  • That I love chatting with crafty people, especially the oldies who can crochet.
  • That there are more young people in my area doing crafts than I thought.
  • There are a lot of large bottomed women, including myself, that are into craft.  The wool shop isn’t the place where gym junkies hang out when they aren’t at the gym.
  • How pedantic I am about organising things like wool and cotton spools.  I had the task of moving the baby wool to the back of the store, I found this quite therapeutic.  I also got a sick pleasure out of tidying the greeting cards and putting the misplaced cards back in their proper spot. 
  • Lots of people like to window shop.
  • Don’t mess with a women on a yarn mission.
  • Blokes find wool shops as daunting as Lingerie stores.
  • A customer will turn up when you are about to close the shop.
  • I need to learn to knit and get my Nana's sewing machine out so I can sew something

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Easter Show

Its hard not to dream big when your view is this.  Photo taken using Instragram

At the start of January I attended an Amigurumi workshop at Customs House hosted by the Knitters Guild of NSW.  The class was taught by the lovely Stacey Troch of Freshstitches.  I had a wonderful child free day in Sydney, where I met so many lovely happy hookers.  The merry bunch at my end of the table chattered merrily about yarn, crochet techniques, the latest TVs shows and lots more.  Oh and during all this we followed Stacey's excellent tutorage. 

Part way thru making Nelson the Owl.  Pattern by Stacey Troch

I had toyed with the idea of joining the Knitters Guild for quite some time and I have always dreamt of entering something into the prestigious Royal Easter Show. I never knew that they were link until this I got speaking to the Knitters Guild's Treasurer and some other members from the inner city group.  With their encouragement I decided to join the guild and enter not just 1 but 3 items into the 2013 Easter Show.

I'll post my creations over the next few weeks.  Wish me luck!