Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I crochet so I don't kill poeple

Source: PurpleKittyYarns
Last night I made something pretty.  I'm glad I did becasue I needed to create, to relex and regenrate after a pretty toxic afternoon with the kids.

Child #1 was tired and stressed out after spending the day navigating the complex world of vacation care - I remember quiet vividly not enjoying my time spent at Beresford Road Public School's vacation care in the 1980s.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for my son who has Aspergers and his little brother who I suspect has Aspergers too.

I also had one very tired and emotional #3, who is the social butterfly of daycare and appears to have all the carers wrapped around her finger.  If only they knew that there little angel is a complete devil at home, especially when she's tired.  My #2 kid was fine, he could see that that #1's behaviour wasn't going to win him any favours or time playing the Wii.  Bless his heart, he decided to mount a charm offensive, which I must admit worked.

So last night, after I feed the mosters their dinner and handed them over to their father to bath and wrestle the "But I'm not tired" kids into their bed, I sat down to crochet. I needed to let the negative feelings of the afternoon go, I needed to let the power of crochet mend my heart, to love #1 and #3 again and renew my spirit to face another day.

Does crochet have this affect on you? 


sister outlaws said...

I find crochet is really good for my brain too when I'm stressed. Yay!

sister outlaws said...

In fact...I need to do some now!

C Percy Designs said...

Totally agree with you. I'm just finishing off a Wookie.