Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Flower of the month: Carination

This year I've set my self a goal to create a new flower each month based on the that month's Birth flower.

"Birth Flowers is a term describing flowers related to a recipient's birth month, and in general flowers associated with particular months of the year." Source: Wikipedia 

The flower for January is Carination.  
Left: Real Carnations (image from Pinterest)  Right: Crochet Carnations created by me. Pattern below.

The Carnation symbolises love, pride, beauty, purity, distinction, and fascination, loyal. 

After creating an Carnation inspiration board on Pinterest I got started on making some Carnations and this is the pattern I came up with.

Crochet Carnation
Pattern by Christine McInerney Percy of C Percy Designs

Hook Size: 2.50 mm
Yarn: 4 ply cotton

This pattern is written in International Terminology

Not required.


ch - chain
dc - double crochet (US sc)
sl st - slip stitch
st - stitch
tr - treble crochet (US dc)


Ch 4, sl st into 1st ch to form ring or create a magic ring.

Round 1:  1 ch, 8 dc into ring, sl st into 1st dc. (8 dc)

Round 2:  1 ch, 2 dc in each st around. sl st into 1st dc. (16 dc)

Round 3:  3 ch (to count as 1st tr) 2 tr in same st, 3 tr in each st around. Sl st into 3rd ch at beg. (48 tr).

Round 4:  3 ch (to count as 1st tr) 2 in same st, (2 tr in next st, 3 tr in next st) repeat till end.  Sl st into 3rd ch at beg.  

Round 5:  [(3 ch st st into next st) twice, (4 ch sl st into next st) twice, (5 ch sl st into next st)] repeat around.

1. Round 1 and 2 set up the foundation for the waves that are created in Round 3 and 4. 

2. Round 5 creates the uneven edge, similar to what Carnations have.  Mix up the lengths and order to create a unique edge.  

3. Change the yarn and hook size to make smaller or larger flowers.  You can also use a different colour cotton in round 5 to give

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Pearl Franco said...

I love "CARNATIONS!" Awesome idea and thanks for sharing the crochet pattern, I really appreciate you!