Saturday, November 17, 2012

Liz's big day

My little sister married the lovely Paul on 4 November in Hyde Park Sydney. Liz looked stunning in a dress made by my Mum. The Wedding had a French handmade Vintage theme, which included gift bags which had cookies made by Paul, he's a chef.

The Percy clan all ventured up to Sydney and the kids enjoyed the many bus trips we made from Surrey Hills to the CBD over the 3 days we were in town.  Brett and I loved the Crown Street coffee and the wonderful French food at the reception!

Liz's last meal as a single gal. 
Our apartment in Surrey Hills
Hair and makeup done, now time for a drink.
All dressed up and on the bus to the park - very nervous
Mr A sitting next to me on the bus.
Love the rose petals.

Its official - Mr and Mrs Singh.

Love, Love Love the hair!

The Percy's

Miss J and Miss H fast asleep after a big day.

Kids enjoying the park on Crown Street.

Mr J being bored in the park on Crown Street.

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