Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part 4: Restoring damaged crochet tablecloth

Joining the first corner of the new motif.
The next step in restoring this beautiful thread crochet tablecloth was to make the motifs.  The first 6 rounds were easily made up, the last round is the tricky part.

I started with the first corner, this was easy as I simply had to double crochet into the loop that had already been created, this loop already had the 3 corner motifs joined.

Two corners and two sides completed.
I then attached the side chain stitches by again chaining 2 stitches and then double crocheting into the chain space of the adjoining motif.  I continued doing this for around the next side of the new motif.

Joining all 4 corners together 
I then carefully joined the next corner using the exposed corner stitches.  You note in the picture above that I have all 3 corner stitches on my hook.  To join them together I simply worked a slip stitch through all the stitches on the hook.

Excuse the extreme close up  of my leg, I was sitting on the floor to make sure the
weight of the tablecloth wouldn't unravel any of the exposed stitches. 

I then worked on the side chain spaces.  Again I inserted my hook through the exposed stitches to secure theme.

This photo was taken my Miss H (3 years), its of me joining the last corner.
What a clever little poppet she is.
One damaged motif fixed, 3 more to go!

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Spunkygiraffe said...

Oh, that's amazing! I have a cloth to repair and I'm trying to work out the pattern- the step by step photos are a great help. Well done!