Saturday, October 27, 2012

My instagram life

Instead of writing about the last few weeks I thought I'd share a selection of instagram photos ~ as you can see its been pretty busy.

If you want to follow me on Instagram I'm #cpercydesigns.

My new epheriell designs earrings

Miss H reading to Liam the cat
Tiny tread crochet Irish Roses

Progress shot of Mr Ted
Mr Ted is finished

Mount Washmore turned in to Mount Foldmore
Lorena and Brett's Wedding

B and Me
Prepping for Liz's Wedding
Cute crochet beanie
Virtual ProBlogger
Liz's Hen's day
Fillet Pattern

learning Irish Crochet

Blocking Christmas Stars

Day Spa
Ken's shoes

Summer is hear - Sun Hats
Water Metre

My Wedding Day
more wedding prep

Lunch after my MRI
Market Day at SewGood/KnitToo

New motifs and patterns
More sun hats

DYI Clip Kits

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