Saturday, October 27, 2012

My instagram life

Instead of writing about the last few weeks I thought I'd share a selection of instagram photos ~ as you can see its been pretty busy.

If you want to follow me on Instagram I'm #cpercydesigns.

My new epheriell designs earrings

Miss H reading to Liam the cat
Tiny tread crochet Irish Roses

Progress shot of Mr Ted
Mr Ted is finished

Mount Washmore turned in to Mount Foldmore
Lorena and Brett's Wedding

B and Me
Prepping for Liz's Wedding
Cute crochet beanie
Virtual ProBlogger
Liz's Hen's day
Fillet Pattern

learning Irish Crochet

Blocking Christmas Stars

Day Spa
Ken's shoes

Summer is hear - Sun Hats
Water Metre

My Wedding Day
more wedding prep

Lunch after my MRI
Market Day at SewGood/KnitToo

New motifs and patterns
More sun hats

DYI Clip Kits

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Part 5: Restoring damaged crochet tablecloth

Restored tablecloth
Here is the restored tablecloth.  Doesn't it look lovely on my 1930's dinning table!  I'm very proud of all my efforts.  All up it took approximately 7-8 hours to restore, this includes the time taken to create mock up motifs to understand how they are contracted and joined together.

The above photo shows one of the restored sections.  The motif in the middle is the one I inserted,  you can't hardly tell which is the new one!

So there you have it, one thread crocheted tablecloth restored to its former glory.  My work here is now done. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part 4: Restoring damaged crochet tablecloth

Joining the first corner of the new motif.
The next step in restoring this beautiful thread crochet tablecloth was to make the motifs.  The first 6 rounds were easily made up, the last round is the tricky part.

I started with the first corner, this was easy as I simply had to double crochet into the loop that had already been created, this loop already had the 3 corner motifs joined.

Two corners and two sides completed.
I then attached the side chain stitches by again chaining 2 stitches and then double crocheting into the chain space of the adjoining motif.  I continued doing this for around the next side of the new motif.

Joining all 4 corners together 
I then carefully joined the next corner using the exposed corner stitches.  You note in the picture above that I have all 3 corner stitches on my hook.  To join them together I simply worked a slip stitch through all the stitches on the hook.

Excuse the extreme close up  of my leg, I was sitting on the floor to make sure the
weight of the tablecloth wouldn't unravel any of the exposed stitches. 

I then worked on the side chain spaces.  Again I inserted my hook through the exposed stitches to secure theme.

This photo was taken my Miss H (3 years), its of me joining the last corner.
What a clever little poppet she is.
One damaged motif fixed, 3 more to go!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Part 3: Restoring damaged crochet tablecloth

To be honest I hate this part!  It seems so unnatural to me to cut crochet, it makes me sick to the stomach.  One wrong cut and I could ruin this beautiful tablecloth. 

I decided to start with the easy side, that is the side were the final round is affixed to the adjoining motif with a double crochet into the other motifs chain stitches.

Then I painstakingly cut the next side, this is a bit tricky as I need to cut the damage motif so I can pull the chain stitches through the stitches on the adjoining motif. The issue here is that the stitches from the adjoining motif can now easily come apart and unravel, if this happens I will need to replace that motif as well.   

Luckily for me my slow methodical work resulted in none of these exposed stitches unravelling.  I cut the cut the rest of damaged motif out and I will uses these two tiny stitches when I affix the new motif.  

Like the side stitches, I carefully cut the material so I could slip the corner chain stitches through these 3 corners.  When I join the corner of my new motif, I will inset my hook through all 3 corners and will slip stitch them and the new motif together. 

Above are the other two cut out sections - the change in tablecloth colour is due to these pictures being taken a few hours apart. Due to the dame of the 3rd motif I had to remove and recreate two motifs. 

Note:  I used a .75mm hook to help me to remove the little pieces of cut cotton that remained on the remaining motifs.  I thought this would be pretty easy but some bits of cotton were firmly affixed to the other motifs.