Monday, September 24, 2012

Part 1: Restoring damaged thread crochet tablecloth

As you know I love a good crochet challenge.  So last week when I received a request to retore a damaged crocheted tablecloth to its former glory I just had to say "Yes".

This tablecloth was made by a local lady, Betty. It is approximately 180cm by 115cm in size and has it has in a pretty fan and tri picot edge.  Betty has made one of these beautiful heirloom quality tablecloths for all her grandkids.

Unfortunately this tablecloth has been damaged in 3 places. Betty being 82, is not the keen crocheter she once was and she did not like the idea of cutting the damaged motifs out.  She visited my local wool shop, SewGood/KnitToo, where the lovely Alison put her on to me.

Its going to be a challenging job, not one likes to cut crocheted materials as they easily pull apart.  One wrong cut could be disastrous!  But lady luck is on my side, Betty was able to give me not only the the pattern but the actual hook she used to make the motifs and the cotton.  Thank goodness! 

Last time I undertook a restoration like this I lost a lot of sleep over it, as I had to to recreate the pattern and I had to colour match the antique cotton.  I still remember the sick feeling I had when I carefully cut out 100 year old motif.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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