Sunday, September 30, 2012

Part 2: Restoring damaged tablecloth

As you know I've been given the honour of restoring this beautiful tablecloth.

Before I cut this delicate fabric, I have been using the hook and cotton provided to make a few test motifs to get an understanding of the pattern and how they are attached to each other.  

So far i'm pretty happy, my tension is there abouts the same as Betty's and I've now got a handle on how the motifs is constructed and joined together.  The final row is going to be tricky as this is the row that affixes the motifs together.  This means I have to be pretty careful when I cut the damaged motifs out and I'll have to work the final row holding the heavy tablecloth and making sure I don't unravel any stitches from the undamaged motifs.  


Monday, September 24, 2012

Part 1: Restoring damaged thread crochet tablecloth

As you know I love a good crochet challenge.  So last week when I received a request to retore a damaged crocheted tablecloth to its former glory I just had to say "Yes".

This tablecloth was made by a local lady, Betty. It is approximately 180cm by 115cm in size and has it has in a pretty fan and tri picot edge.  Betty has made one of these beautiful heirloom quality tablecloths for all her grandkids.

Unfortunately this tablecloth has been damaged in 3 places. Betty being 82, is not the keen crocheter she once was and she did not like the idea of cutting the damaged motifs out.  She visited my local wool shop, SewGood/KnitToo, where the lovely Alison put her on to me.

Its going to be a challenging job, not one likes to cut crocheted materials as they easily pull apart.  One wrong cut could be disastrous!  But lady luck is on my side, Betty was able to give me not only the the pattern but the actual hook she used to make the motifs and the cotton.  Thank goodness! 

Last time I undertook a restoration like this I lost a lot of sleep over it, as I had to to recreate the pattern and I had to colour match the antique cotton.  I still remember the sick feeling I had when I carefully cut out 100 year old motif.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Sunday, September 09, 2012

I nearly cried to 'Creep' by Radiohead

Its Saturday night.

It's my son's 6th birthday.

I'm at McDonald's eating my dinner (if that is what you call it) before I get back into the car and drive the last leg of my journey home.  Home, the place I should have been today. My son will be well asleep when I get there, at least he liked the Lego X Wing that I bought him.

It's been a full on week, I'm at information overload.  I miss my Husband terribly and he hasn't even left for his trip yet, though I haven't really seen him in days.

Its been a crazy amazing week.  And the next two weeks will be just as full on.

Oh McDonald's you hold so many memories, first job, fun times, first real love, confusion, routine, structure, friendship, work ethic.  When I have a bad dream, it usually involves me being in a rush to McDonalds to get to work on time or the fact that I've forgotten I had a shift.

Boy I'm tired.

I'm not looking forward to the journey home because the winds are strong and they keep hitting the car with such force that it moves it slightly into the next lane.

I nearly died today while crossing a road in Sydney.  I've lived in regional NSW for way too long as I've forgotten how to cross busy streets, I'm so not use to traffic.

There have been a few "take-aways" from this week - one of them was that I was a pretty cool 17 year old and not all, to be honest probably none of my ex boyfriends are jerks.  I use to say "you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your Prince" - I think I'll have to amend that saying to "One persons' toad is another persons' Prince".  Thank you 17 year old me, you made some good decisions back then, they weren't easy but I'm glad you made them.

Good night.

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