Friday, July 27, 2012

{Collaborate 4 a Cause} Inspiration behind the creation


Have you heard about Collaborate 4 a Cause?  No.  Well its a amazing opportunity for creatives to team together to create something new.  Once this unique items has been completed it is then auction off and the money raised goes to the team's chosen charity.

This is the second year Collaborate 4 a Cause has been run. I really wanted to take part in it last year but chickened out.  This year however I got in early and team up with Bec from Little Toot Creations.

Our Charity

Our chosen Charity is Noah's Shoalhaven, a charity that has made some major changes in my life personally.  The Percy's first benefited from Noah's Shoalhaven when we were struggling with our eldest boy, at the time we did not know that Mr J has Aspergers, all we knew was that his behaviour was causing major stresses within our family.  Through Noah's we did the MCP program, which has helped our parenting style - I'm not saying things are perfect but it gave us the tools to make our home life and Mr J's life better.

Once we had Mr J diagnosed we were also able to tap into some of their other services, one of which was their Christmas family camp.  This camp was amazing!!  My husband and I met camping and we both love the outdoors but we haven't been able to go camping for many years.  This is because of Mr J's behaviour, his strong fight/flight response and his poor impulse control.  This camp was brilliant because it was made up of a number of families who have at least one child with a disability.  It was great to get out of the house, go camping and spend time with other families who understand and don't judge.  It was so wonderful!!!!

Our collaboration

For a long time I have wanted to make a tunic with a crocheted top section.  These dresses have been around for a long time and I've always wanted to give one ago but I don't sew!  So this was the ideal time to give this ago.

After completing the top of the tunic, I decided to add a shell stitched edge which would compliant the shell stitch at the base of the top section.   After creating these two pieces I nutted out the pattern for the cute handbag, I added the V stitch pattern detail to the bag and again I added the shell stitch to tie this piece to the tunic.  I also created a 3 layered flower for the bag and two cute 2 layered flowers for the clips.  After this was completed I sent it off to Bec to do the hards parts!

With create care and attention to detail Bec sewed the soft Japanese double muslin to the crocheted top and she expertly added the shell stitch edge.  It wasn't a simple task but with Bec's skills it has been sewn beautifully.  Bec then lined the bag so that the flower pattern will show through the V stitch and  when you open the bag.  She finished off the bag by attaching a fabric covered button to the flower and affixing it to the bag.  Lastly Bec created these sweet hair clips.

I caught up with Bec the other week and she showed me the completed outfit.  Its divine!!  Thank you Bec for all your work.

Why Blue?

I knew this dress would look lovely in any colour we chose but because I'm a redhead and pink looks crap on me, so I decided to make this dress that would suit a redhead or a little girl with swimming pool coloured eyes. This 100% Australian baby blue cotton has been teamed up with the pretty japanese muslin material.  It may not be so obvious in the photos but there material has little blue flower buds printed on the it.  

Work in progress shot.

I hope you agree that this is a unique dress in both colour scheme and design.  Many hours of designing and work has gone into this auction item and I hope that the little girl that gets to own this tunic treasures it as much as I do.


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