Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Beanies, Beanies, Beanies

This week has been a little slow in Percyland, it usually is around the end of financial year. I've been taking advantage of the slow down by making some non-profit beanies.
This beanie has been made for Epheriell Designs' 100 Beanie Drive.  It's a XL Mens beanie made using soft100% Australian Cotton (Noir and Latte) using Anne Lecrivain's Galen's Manly Hat pattern.  

I enjoyed doing something different and the end result is very nice.  I may make one for Brett for his trip to Germany in September. 

I made this tiny Premie size beanie (38-40 weeks) and matching booties last night for a SewGood, KnitToo Customer.  She was in the shop yesterday when I was replenishing my beanie stock and she mentioned that she wanted something bright for her new granddaughter who was born 6 weeks early. 

Since the birth of my friend Heather's daughter Isabelle and my nephew Oliver, I have a special place in my heart for these tiny babies.  So I offered to make a beanie using Sirdar Snuggle 'Smiley Stripes' bamboo and wool blend yarn. The premie pattern is my own using the measurements on Bev's Country Cottage.  I made the Mary Jane booties using a Cleckheaton pattern as a guide, I left off a row from the sole and I used a htr for the sides.   

This final beanie is one of the ones I've created for the little girl I mentioned in my post on Monday. Its also made using soft 100% Australian cotton.  I've used a dc stitch to stop the beanie from stretching.  To jazz it up I've used a simple shell stitch in bright colours.  I crocheted over sheering elastic at the base of the beanie, again to avoid any stretching. I think it looks okay, I'm a bit concerned that its too bright. 


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