Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some days I wish ...

My ensuite floor with Miss H's beautiful hair!

Today I was going to blog about a new beanie I made for a dear friends child but just as I went to start Miss H (3 yrs) came out to show me her new haircut.

Yes you read that correctly. NEW HAIRCUT.

Usually when Miss H is quiet for more than 5 minutes I go looking for her, but the boys are home due to a teachers strike, so the house was nosy and I therefore didn't notice Miss H's quietness.

Harriet waiting for her Haircut - I think she thought the Tiara would improve her new look.

She is very proud of her cutting efforts - thank goodness she is cute! Me, well I'm getting use to it and I'm just thankful that she didn't hurt herself.

So off we went to our local hair dresses who squeezed us in between appointments. Followed by a trip into town so the kids could have McDonalds for lunch, something I would not normally do but it was the only way I could bribe the boys to turn the wii/computer games off and get into the car without a meltdown.

Nothing has been achieved today. I've taken a heap of photos for Miss H's 21st birthday and I've had the odd chuckle at the expense of my cheeky 3 year old. I now know how my own mother felt when I chopped my younger sisters hair.

I hope you you've had a better day.


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Michelle Higgs said...

Oh no Christine!

My little girl had her hair chopped off by her brother when she was 2 and a half. All her blond curls lying on the floor, only an inch left on her head. I cried for days!!