Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Online Friends

My question is:  
Can you call someone a friend if you have only ever met them once but interact with them via the interweb on a daily basis?

Its weird, I was speaking to my Hubby Brett about how my friend Jeanie is running a giveaway on her blog, where the winner receives an iPad.  Being a MacMan he thought this was a great prize and asked the usual questions ... did she buy it? How is she going to determine who wins? How to enter? etc. 

Then he said "Remind me again, how do you know her again".  And thats when I hesitated.  

Admittedly Brett can't keep up with the friends that I have, I seem to know a lot of people though my various community activities - local museum, playgroup, Australian Breastfeeding Association, swimming lessons, teaching crochet, various school stuff etc.  

But what made me hesitate was the fact that I momentarily questioned if calling this person a friend was right.  I feel like I know her, I know what she looks like and we've chatted a great deal over Facebook and in various forums but we've only met once. I know her better than some of my real world friends ...

... so I responded "Oh she's one of my online friends" and thats when I remembered that way back when Brett and I first met we spent well over 12 months getting to know each other via email as I was living in New York and he was living in Melbourne.  

If you want to know more about my friend Jeanie's giveaway click on the picture below.

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Jeanie (Inspired Wish) said...

Of course we're friends! Only a friend would forgive me for taking so long to comment (I've been unwell).

We're craft buddies, facebook pals, blogging crusaders. Best of all we're friends. Call it a modern-age-friendship if you will. LOL.

That's so cool that you spent time getting to know Brett online via email. That's how I got my husband to notice me, kept sending him email jokes in the hope that he'd ask me out. He couldn't take a hint, I eventually gave up, and asked him out to drinks =)