Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The ugly face of kids today

Its been a very sad week over here in Percyland.  I'm not sure how many of you know but my eldest child has Aspergers.  He looks like regular kids but well the fact is he isn't.
Jon as Super Green Man!
It has been our experience that children on the spectrum are particularly vulnerable to being bullied at school.  Brett, my wonderful Husband, and I have aware that the long-term effects of bullying can be serious for a child and according to some research findings I've read, bullied children can end up with long-lasting insecurities, behavioural issues and low self-esteem, as well as poor concentration. They may refuse to take part in social situations because they are afraid of being bullied. Bullied children may also experience stress-related illnesses, some may go on to develop mental health illnesses.  We won't let this happen to our spirited little boy on our watch!!

So with this in mind we have decided to remove both of our boys from their current school and place them in the local public school that has the resources needed to get our son through these formative years.  It wasn't an easy decision, in fact I've think I've cried more over the last few days than in the last fe years.

Also we think it might be good for Jon to be in a larger school environment, his quirkiness is amplified in such a small school and I have read that some children with autism benefit from having contact with other children like them.  They say that knowing other children have similar difficulties and experiences may make them feel less isolated.

So keep us in your prayers or send us positive vibes, as this isn't an easy time for our little family.


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Magazine Feature

Its already been an amazing year.  My crocheted flowers are selling well via my craftumi store, I have three wholesale clients at the moment and I've got one very special project going on in the back ground (for a sneak peek check out this blog post).  To top the year off so far, and its only March, my crocheted photographic aid has been featured in one of my favourite children's magazines - my child.  

I love this 'craft market' page, I love the use of pink and brown and I am honoured by the fact that I'm along side my two top woollen craft crushes - Pluskha and Dover and Madden.  

Thank you My Child Magazine.  Thank you Bec from Madeit who emailed me just before Christmas about the use of this photo.  And finally a huge thank you to Amy Louise ~ Portrait Photographer for is amazing photo - I just adore those little toes!