Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gosh its already the 29th February!!

I've set my timer to 15 minutes, which means I'm got 15 wonderful minutes to devote to this blog.

Its been a hectic 2012 so far.  Mr A started school this year, so I now have two school kids. He's going so well, he's such a bright boy and he's really shinning at school ~ one very proud Mummy here.

Its also been great having some girly time with Miss H, as you know I adore my little girl.  I adore the boys too but Miss H is such a delight.  I love her morning hugs and kisses, I love how she dances to all types of music and she loves the same things I loved as a kid including Barbie.

C Percy Designs has also been very busy.  We have a number of items in the works at the moment including two large wholesale orders.

I finally sold this pink blanket which was in Shop 4 Kids Magazine last year.  Today I'll be sending it off to a beautiful 6 week old beauty who is celebrating her first full moon.

I am also gearing up for the Shoalhaven Baby and Toddler Expo which will be taking place on the 10th March 2012 from 10am -3pm at Nowra High School, Moss Street Nowra.  These headbands (below), a number of hairclips, limited edition baby blankets and some beanies will be available for purchase.

I hope to see you there.

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jessica vagg said...

oh i love that beanie the baby boy is wearing, the colours are so cute will definitely be getting william one of those:) glad you are well, and so please drew is doing well at school, yes miss harriet sure is a delight:)