Friday, January 06, 2012

Things that make you go hmmm

"Take a deep breath in ... and let it out"

"Get an original idea!"

"Think happy thoughts"

"How can I find the silver lining in this?"

Copying another businesses' colour combinations, unique designs, photographic style, Facebook or Twitter posts etc is just uncool.  Its rude. Its dishonest. It pisses me off.  Its copying.

"You copy cat, you dirty rat,
You stole my mother’s baseball bat.

I'm not sure if I'm alone on this one but I personally think that when you choose to buy handmade you are choosing to buy an ethically made item, as Tania from Chicken Ink Creative puts it "an item made with love".

When you buy handmade you are choosing to buy something that is unique, not a copy.

When you admire a photo of someone's work on the internet, you don't admire it because it looks like everyone else's photos.

When you follow someone on Facebook or Twitter you follow them because you like their business, their voice, their take on things, and not the fact that they can copy and paste well.

Be original.  Be creative. Be yourself. Find your own voice. 
Running a small handmade business is a lot more fun when you do!

.... And for those of you who haveC+C Music Factory's song "Things that make you go humm" running thought their heads here is it for your listening pleasure.

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