Saturday, January 14, 2012

People who inspire: Plushka

Today I had to smile.  I've been a fan of Plushka's work for a while now, many of the Handmade Cooperative members have chosen one of her items to be part of their Sensational Six posts.  I think it has something to do with the fact that her work is unique, beautifully made and well photographed.  
Felt elephant toy by Plushka
So why am I writing about her? How has she inspired me? 

Well it all started today when I was auditing my Craftumi store before it reopens again next week.  I was checking on my online dopalganger and I stumbled across the crocheted flowers that Puluska has on offer in the her Plusha's Makery Craftumi storefront.  

I looked at her flowers and I smiled.  I loved the fact that you could see how well made these flowers are and I love the fact that she has found a way to photograph these items in her own unique style. 
Crochet flowers in red by Plusha's Makeryl
I also love the fact that she has made flowers that as yet have not been offered on Craftumi (from my own experience that probably won't last) and she has found her own unique way to photograph these flowers.  

Thank you Katia for raising the bar, for inspiring me to take better photos of my own crocheted flowers in my own style and for resorting my faith in the handmade community.


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