Saturday, September 10, 2011

My poor neglected blog ...

Dear Blog

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you.  I haven't been meaning to but currently life has been a tad busy.  My little family is growing up.  Mr J, who is soon to be 7 got the principals award last week which was a surprise and a delight.  He's had great year this year and we were so proud of him. 

Mr A turned 5 this week, I'm still shocked about that.  Where did time go?  He's such a nice kid, thought still a little whiny.  He's quite a bright little guy and he has been enjoying putting his 7-12 years Star Wars Lego together by himself.  I made him a Lego Luke Skywalker cake for his birthday which he proudly took to preschool.

Miss H is a very cheeky monkey, she talks constantly and is a delight to be with.  She's going through a very clingy stage, which is a bit draining but I must admit I have been putting up with it because I know all to  soon she won't want anything to do with me.  The photo of her below is of her playing with a Lego Technic Attack Droid which her Dad put together - yes we are a house full of nerds.  I'm so proud.


CPD has slowed down a little but not too much as I've replaced beanies with flower making.  I sent off a blanket to Shop4Kids last week for a photo shoot.  I don't know if they used it but I was chuffed to be asked.  Now don't be jealous but I have been spending a lot, maybe too much, time on the Handmade Cooperative blog.  We've had a call out for new members and I've been working on the format for our soon to be released eNewsletter.  I've been loving doing all the desktop publishing stuff but boy does it chew up the hours. 

Hubby is also very busy with work, as always.  He's just got back from a week in Sydney and I must admit I did miss him.  He's a wonderful husband and I don't appreciate all that he does around here until he's away.

And that's what has been happening over here.  Sorry again for ignoring you, I promise to update you again next week.

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