Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seven Questions in Seven Minutes:

Name: Bek Cook
Business Name:

1. What is your favourite Colour? Fuschia pink

2. What is your favourite font?  American Typewriter

3. Who would you like to be stuck next to on a long haul plane trip? 
My hubby (I love being with him!) and then Bill Clinton (such charisma!)

4. Who has taught you the most about blogging? 
Probably Megan Augman from Crafting an MBA and also 'ProBlogger' by Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett (I am still a work in progress obviously)

5. What is your favourite item in your range? Why?  
I don't have physical products, but the favourite thing in my work is finding parent rooms in places I wouldn't normally think of , like the births deaths and marriages office in Parramatta.  Sometimes you're not going to the shops but still need a parent room when doing business etc, so finding the obscure parent room locations is super helpful and means you don't feel obligated to spend at a cafe etc just to use the toilets/change table.
6. What do you like best about your blog?
Seeing the stats go up since launch date some time ago. People are recognising it's a great resource and are using it to find out where the good and bad parent rooms are. I love that.

7. If there was an academy award for blogging and you won it, to whom would you thank? 
I would thank my daughter for being the inspiration for the blog; My hubby for his undying support, continued encouragement and IT know-how; and all the parents out there who keep telling me 'this is a great idea!'.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have known Bek for a number of years now.  She is the proud wife of one of my dearest friends.  I think this blog is a great idea as I have often used parentrooms, some which have been great and others that have been down right disgusting.

Bek is running a competition this month with the winner receiving a $35.00 gift certificate from C Percy Designs. All you need to do to be in the running to win this certificate is submit a parent room review with photos to or upload them to Facebook and be there favourite entry for the month of June.

So when you are at the shops over this long weekend why not pop into your local parentroom, take some pictures using your phone, write up a brief review and send it to Bek.  

For $35.00 you can get a child sized beanie of your choice with ear flaps and postage!  That's a pretty good deal.  

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