Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red Nose Day

In the last 24 hours I have been reminded about the great work that SIDs and Kids do around Australia.  Why?  Well because a customer asked if I could make a tiny beanie (head circumference of just 19cm) for her nephew who was born at 25 weeks and unfortunately didn't make it.

I of course said Yes. So with a tear in my eye I created the set shown below using a couple of different patterns as the basis to make this tiny set.  Initially I thought I could use the crochet pattern I got from the Treasured Babies Programme, which is an initiative of SIDs and Kids Victoria, but it was too big.

In the end I based the sizing on my daughters 30 cm Berenguer doll.  The booties have been made so they simply slip on, the cardigan has wide armholes so it will be easy to put on the baby without hurting his delicate skin and the beanie has cute little ears as this is what his Aunty had requested.  The set was made using 100% Pure Australian Baby Wool, which is soft to touch and won't scratch the babies skin.  I donated this set free of charge to the family as I didn't feel right charging someone for something so special.

To be honest I've found making this set very emotional, never before have I had a connection to the outfits I make for the Treasured Babies Programme.  Every stitch has been done with love and I have prayed that God has helped my hands make the right size for this very special baby.

I showed my Husband the finished booties this morning and he couldn't believe how small they were and he mentioned how lucky we are to have never experienced the loss that these parents were going through.

Please buy a Red Nose this month and support this wonderful organisation.


Olive Blue said...

How heart wrenching is your story. The outfit is just wonderful and no doubt very tiny.

robyn lee said...

I can understand how emotional it must have been for you making that beautiful little outfit...I read the aunty's request on you page the other day and had a little tear myself...I am sure it will fit him perfectly.

Robyn Lee x

kasiabear said...

oh what a beautiful post..