Friday, June 03, 2011

I'm still reaping the rewards of being a Girl Guide

I started in the Guiding/Scouting movement just before my 7th Birthday.  I was involved in the movement until I was approx  23.  I spent 16 years of my life learning new skills , meeting people and being outdoors.

I met my best friend Andrew at the 9th Australian Venture (9AV) in 1994.  At 9AV I also met my friend Dianne who in 1995 introduced me to her Rover Unit, which included the love of my life, and now Hubby, Brett!
Source:  BBC World Service: Learning English

My time in the movement taught me many skills.  Who would of thought putting up and mending those horrid teepee tents at Camp Tara would be helping my small business today! 

Man I hated putting up those tents, I always feared the stupid things would fall down on us in the middle of night - I also envied the Scouts who got to use modern tents.  This photo is the only one I could find that we used at Camp Tara, this photo is from 1910.  They were still in action in the late1980/ early 1990's (no wonder Gumnut aka Mrs Toutz taught use  how to mend them!)

Today I've spent the morning amending my draft Ashleigh Beanie pattern.  Most of technical stuff has been in my head and I didn't realise how much was missing from my written pattern until this morning.

Toddler Size Ashleigh Beanie
with earflaps
RRP $30.00 plus postage
One of the things I had omitted from my pattern was the use of the Whipping Knot to finish off the plaits on when earflaps are added. Actually I had forgotten what this knot was called until today.  I've been tying this knot on and off for the last 23 years without calling it a name.

To find out how to do a Whipping Knot check out Wikipedia's  'Common Whipping' page (hee hee that sounds funny).

So how many of your were pare of the Guiding or Scouting Movement? 

What skills do you use today that you developed whilst being part of the movement?

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