Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People who inspire: The Haby Goddess

This month I want to share with you yet another person that inspires me, this time I want to share with you The Haby Goddess.  
I don't sew, I'm from a family of sewers including my Dad who is an Upholster (a person who covers lounges etc in fabric), but I don't sew because learning in a household of sewers is hell - pick, pick, pick!    Yet even though I don't sew I now know a lot more about this craft because of The Habby Goddess' great Facebook tips.  Thank you, I now can add to the conversation at my folk's kitchen table.

I love the tutorials she generously shares on her blog and the great 'Weekend Haby Delights' blog posts.  Her photos make me want to take better product shots and I love how she puts her photo collages together. 
Weekend Haby Delights  - 23rd Apirl 2011
Another thing, actually I think its what I like best, is the fact that The Haby Goddess does a great post called "Crafty blogs I've been loving this week".  I think The Haby Goddess is another crochet devotee as she seems to always sneek some crochet love in, which of course  I love.  Her "Crafty blogs I've been loving this week" blog posts have taken me to some great blogs that I don't think I would of come across if not for her.
5 Crafty Blogs I've loved this week - 3 April 2011
So thank you The Haby Goddess, we've never met and I'm sure you don't know I exist but I wanted to say that you inspire me and please keep up the great work.

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Jodie said...

Thank you sooo much for the sweetest words. I'm inspired by all you amazing crafters, whether you sew or crochet. Yes, I do sneak in crochet items to my treasuries ~ because I wish I could do it! Learning but a long way to go.
The Haby Goddess xx