Sunday, April 03, 2011

Christine's Tips

Leather Business Card Wallet | Black Patent Leather by CERIosities
  1. Carry your business cards with you - you never know when there will be an opportunity to hand it out.
  2. Find it for free - take advantage of the various free tools on offer.  Create a business website using, start a blog using, sell your products online using, survey customers using
  3. Pay it forward - be kind a and share your knowledge. 
  4. Make friends with your local Post Office staff, they can save you money!
  5. Join a supportive forum like or the 
  6. Remember that people are buying a little piece of you with every purchase, you and your product are linked. Me, I'm the crochet lady, I wear crocheted accessories, my handbag has crocheted dollies on it and if I'm sitting still I've got a hook in my hand.
  7. Be proud of your work, say "I made this!" or "this is my original design" etc.  Let people know that you value your work.
  8. Know your materials and do regular stock takes - don't be caught short. 
  9. Choose to produce quality over quantity every time.
  10. Know when to ask for help and when to say No.
  11. Spread the handmade love.
  12. Make friends with Google Reader and read some of the great blogs that are out there.
  13. Network in your local community, espeically if you live in regional Australia. 
  14. Be kind to yourself and find the positive in every situation, especially the crappy ones.


Jeanie said...

Great list! I agree with whole heartedly about #9. Always quality over quantity! So many great points in this list.

ceri muter @CERIosities | said...

so you are a 'hooker' christine! lol

my mum use to rug hook [the traditional way] and we had a bumper sticker referencing the term 'hooker' wish i could remember what is was exactly... i just remember my sister and i thought it was hilarious as young kids. :-) so thank you for the walk down memory lane and the giggle.

the list you have compiled is extremely useful, well done!

you are the second person to mention, must check that out! definately make friends with the post office staff - tic. yes, is an excellent resource just need to get there more often... be proud of your work, easier said then done but a great reminder and my favourite, 'be kind your yourself in every situation, especially the crappy one!' awesome...

ps. thanks for featuring my business card wallet much appreciated christine!