Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wow! Look at these two photos by Espy Photography

Espy photography

Espy photography

Photos by the talented Amy from Espy Photography. Beanie and Cocoon made by C Percy Designs.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People who inspire: The Haby Goddess

This month I want to share with you yet another person that inspires me, this time I want to share with you The Haby Goddess.  
I don't sew, I'm from a family of sewers including my Dad who is an Upholster (a person who covers lounges etc in fabric), but I don't sew because learning in a household of sewers is hell - pick, pick, pick!    Yet even though I don't sew I now know a lot more about this craft because of The Habby Goddess' great Facebook tips.  Thank you, I now can add to the conversation at my folk's kitchen table.

I love the tutorials she generously shares on her blog and the great 'Weekend Haby Delights' blog posts.  Her photos make me want to take better product shots and I love how she puts her photo collages together. 
Weekend Haby Delights  - 23rd Apirl 2011
Another thing, actually I think its what I like best, is the fact that The Haby Goddess does a great post called "Crafty blogs I've been loving this week".  I think The Haby Goddess is another crochet devotee as she seems to always sneek some crochet love in, which of course  I love.  Her "Crafty blogs I've been loving this week" blog posts have taken me to some great blogs that I don't think I would of come across if not for her.
5 Crafty Blogs I've loved this week - 3 April 2011
So thank you The Haby Goddess, we've never met and I'm sure you don't know I exist but I wanted to say that you inspire me and please keep up the great work.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wishing you a ...

Amigurumi egg made by c percy designs using a pattern by Nicki Trench from her book Super-Cute Crochet: Over 35 Adorable Animals and Friends to Make

Monday, April 18, 2011

Be Quick - Birthday Discount Offer!

Because its my birthday today (18th April) I'm offering a 18% discount to 4 of my Facebook Fans.

Mr caterpillar is having his "re-birth" day by Your Organ Grinder

  • Buyer must be a Facebook Fan -
  • 18% discount applies to ONE ITEM ONLY from the range on offer through my Madeit storefront or shown within my Facebook albums.  
  • This does not include custom order blankets.
  • Custom made beanie in your choice of colour and enhancements are welcome (eg earflaps, flowers, appliques).  Note I do not copy other creators beanies so please do not ask.
  • Discount will be given to the first 4 people who contact me via Facebook  or
  • Postage will not be discounted.
  • Items will be posted 7 business days after full payment has been received.
  • Payments are to be made  directly to C Percy Designs (NOT through Madeit) and by direct deposit or Paypal.
  • An email confirming your order, the discounted price, and postage costs will be sent upon receipt of your initial contact.   
* * * * * * * 
Please note that I generally do not have Facebook sales or end of season sales, so please take advantage of this great offer as it won't happen again till next April.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Missy Melly: Seven Questions in Seven MInutes

Name: Shan
Company Name: missy melly
Online storefront/s: and

1.    What is your favourite colour?  I love red, in many shades. I love deep rich reds and bright cherry reds best

2.    What is your favourite font? Century Gothic

3.    Who would you like to be stuck next to on a long haul plane trip? Richard Branson to my left and Oprah to my right. Both are so inspirational and have many of the values and belief systems I have.

4.    Who taught you the basics of your craft? I am completely self taught only having started sewing 18 months ago.  Google tutorials have been my best friend.

5.    What is your favourite item in your range? At the moment I am loving my new reversible jacket.hey are so adorable on.

6.    What is your best seller? Definitely my peasant dresses. They are so versatile, comfortable and grow with you little princesses.

7.  If there was an academy award for handmade and you won it, to whom would you thank? I would thank my little girls as they are the inspiration behind missy melly. I would thank my husband for always supporting me 100% and believing in me. 

* * * * * * *
Missy Melly turned 1 last week.  Congratulations on a great first year. Missy Melly is a member of the Handmade Cooperative - Australian Handmade 4 Kids, she also sells on I made friends with Shan when she bought two of my beanies last year for her gorgeous twin girls.  On a personal note I have found Shan a pleasure to deal with. Miss H has one of Shan's Gnome dresses, she always gets great comments when she wears it.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Christine's Tips

Leather Business Card Wallet | Black Patent Leather by CERIosities
  1. Carry your business cards with you - you never know when there will be an opportunity to hand it out.
  2. Find it for free - take advantage of the various free tools on offer.  Create a business website using, start a blog using, sell your products online using, survey customers using
  3. Pay it forward - be kind a and share your knowledge. 
  4. Make friends with your local Post Office staff, they can save you money!
  5. Join a supportive forum like or the 
  6. Remember that people are buying a little piece of you with every purchase, you and your product are linked. Me, I'm the crochet lady, I wear crocheted accessories, my handbag has crocheted dollies on it and if I'm sitting still I've got a hook in my hand.
  7. Be proud of your work, say "I made this!" or "this is my original design" etc.  Let people know that you value your work.
  8. Know your materials and do regular stock takes - don't be caught short. 
  9. Choose to produce quality over quantity every time.
  10. Know when to ask for help and when to say No.
  11. Spread the handmade love.
  12. Make friends with Google Reader and read some of the great blogs that are out there.
  13. Network in your local community, espeically if you live in regional Australia. 
  14. Be kind to yourself and find the positive in every situation, especially the crappy ones.