Thursday, March 10, 2011

Percy Petit pp: Update from Guatemala

Its been a while since I last wrote about the joint philanthropic venture Isabel and I established in 2010. 
Isabel and her daughter wearing some of Maribel's hair clips
A lot of things have happened since then.  Maribel has been making and selling some hair accessories and just recenlty she enrolled to go to university to study to be a teacher!  Which is fantastic news.  I know that this has only come about through the love and encouragement of Isabel, who is a fantastic person who is beautiful inside and out.

On the Isabel front she recently married the man of her dreams and has only informed me that they are expecting baby number 2.  Again fantastic news.

I wish I could of been there to witness this happy day!

Due to the demand for Marible's handy work increasing, Isabel has found another women to empower.  This time its an indigenous woman living by Lake Atitlan, which is a few hours from Guatemala City. I gather from Isabel that she is a very talented craftswomen who is quite handy with a crochet hook.  

She is a widow with children, they were surviving on what money she could get from a little home run lunch business but due to Tropical Storm Agatha last year her business has suffered and now they are struggling.  This lady has been making motifs for Percy Petit's business in Guatemala and just recently I agreed to import her motifs to Australia so I can sell them in my Craftumi store. 

I'll be marketing these motifs as fair trade motifs as I will be paying a fair price for them, they will be made using cotton that Isabel has sourced so she does not have to pay for anything up font.  They will be made by her in her village, at her own pace without any time restrictions.  No sweat shop conditions at all.  I've taken the risk (fingers crossed) and have ordered 420 flowers in total.  All going well I should have them in my Craftumi store by the end of May.
Example of the motifs I will be importing.

Its our hope that flower production will help this family get through the tough times and if the demand is there we can expand to cater for a North American market on Etsy and hopefully employ a few more ladies from the village. 

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