Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Fish Creations: Seven Questions in Seven Minutes

Dianne fisher

Company Name:
little fish creations


Online storefront:


1.    What is your favourite Colour?   Most shades of purple. More the blue tones than the pinkish tones

Bright Purple classic tutu

2.    What is your favourite font? Harrington
Example of the font c/-
3.    Who would you like to be stuck next to on a long haul plane trip?  Arnold schwarzenegger. He has led a very colourful life and I love his accent plus if I was next to him it means I would have been upgraded to first class

4.    Who taught you the basics of your craft?  My two grandmothers Mary and Rita

5.    What is your favourite item in your range?  Why? My butterfly mobiles as everyone I make is different and I love the different colour combinations that people request 

6.    What is your best seller?  Definitely my tutus as people can always find an occasion for them. The most popular colour combinations are my rainbow and iced vo vo tutus. In plain colours, white, red and baby pink are the top three favourites

7.   If there was an academy award for handmade and you won it, to whom would you thank?
I would definitely thank my husband for being very tolerant of my passion taking over the whole house in the past. Thankfully now I have a dedicated room so it only overspills on rare occasions. And he always lends a hand when I need him to.

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I first met Dianne on the Talk Madeit Forum and later through the Handmade Cooperative - Australian Handmade 4 Kids.  Miss H has a Mint Green tutu, her cousins Miss J and Miss D also got one for Christmas.  little fish creations tutu's are beautiful - the tulle is so soft and not scratchy like cheap tulle, the workmanship is neat and precise.  By far the most superior tutus I've seen.

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