Tuesday, February 22, 2011

People who inspire: Dannielle Cresp

This my second installment about people who inspire me, I hope it inspires you too!

* * * *

Okay I admit it, I have a blog crush on Dannielle Cresp of With2ns Designs and Dannielle Cresp and her amazing self titled blog www.danniellecresp.com.

In Dannielle's company Information on Facebook she notes that she is “Creating a handmade friendly world from mindful living” and that her daily blog “discusses handmade, mindful living, inspiration, small business and has interviews and guest posts.”

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Dannielle, probably through one of the DUST Team Members, all I know is that I became a fan a little while ago and I have been reading her blog posts via Facebook or Google Reader ever since. 

What I love about Dannielle’s posts is the fact that I can hear her voice shine through the words as I read them; she’s frank, honest and positive about the crafting community.  Her post titled ‘Stop Asking for Free’  really made me think.  To be honest it actually stayed with me for a few days, my little brain kept going back over the post.  In the end I realised that she had summed up what I always felt about supplying Freebies but could never articulate. Thank you.

After exploring her actual blog (rather than reading the posts by Google Reader) I  discovered that Dannielle has started the exciting Handmade Friendly World, she also offers designs and consulting services too!

Thank you Dannielle for a great blog, I read it every morning with my coffee.

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