Friday, February 11, 2011

La Petite Paperie - Seven Questions in Seven Minutes

Name: Tamara Sirl

Company Name: La Petite Paperie 


Online storefront/s: COMING SOON!


1. What is your favourite Colour? Be specific. 
My favourite colour of all time is chocolate, as designer I use it a lot.  I feel it’s a nicer alternative to black; it also happens to be my fave food!
2. What is your favourite font?
Ohh lord, now you’ve done, where would you like me to begin! LOL
A lot of my favourites fonts come from Suditpos. At the moment I’m in love with the new Piel Script.  I’m just dying to design a uber girly invitation range so I can use it!
3. Who would you like to be stuck next to on a long haul plane trip?
I actually haven’t flown a lot so I still get nervous in the air, but if I had to be stuck next to someone on a long trip, then it would hands down have to be my husband. Just because he makes me laugh & I love traveling with him!

4. Who taught you the basics of your craft?
I’m actually a self taught designer.
5. What is your favourite item in your range? Why?
As La Petite Paperie is still only a new business & the range is still being designed. But if I had to chose one of the items I have done so far it would have to be the “Out of this World” invitation range.
6. What is your best seller?
I don’t have one as yet, but I’m hoping they all become just as equally popular as each other!

7. If there was an academy award for handmade and you won it, to whom would you thank?
I would like to thank my husband firstly for proposing to me! Because if he hadn’t I would never have gotten the passion to design beautiful invitations & stationery!

Secondly my family for putting up with my ongoing addiction to the internet that has me up to all hours of the night,

Lastly to the people who follow my work, without you I would have no one to design for!

I met Tamara through her work with the creation of the Handmade Cooperative blog.  I am always amazed by her cute, creative and original designs. She is the creative talent behind the C Percy Designs logo.

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Jeanie said...

Tamara's invite range is gorgeous! Can't wait to check out her website once its available.