Sunday, January 23, 2011

People who Inspire: Choose to Thrive

As part of my blog made over I've decided to share with you the blogs that inspire me.

This month I selected Choose to THRIVE because this blog actually got me excited about Christmas this year.  I was introduced to Nike, the blogs author, via U Create (another great blog), when they featured Nike's B.D. Inspired Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial.

Miss H (23 months) is a human whirlwind, she has this great trick of turning any room she enters into a a bomb site. There was no way we could of had a tree, real or fake, this year as all the decorations would be pulled off and strewn all over the house in a matter of seconds.  So Mr D (4 yrs), Miss H and I went down to the park and collect some twigs.  When Mr J (6 yrs) finished school for 2010, our first Christmas activity was to make and decorate what we called our Twig Tree.  Instead of making the container like Nike, I used a Stewart Crystal Vase that a good friend gave us for our wedding. I love this vase but it doesn't get used enough.

Another thing I love about Choose to THRIVE is the 'Rock what you got' philosophy.  I especially enjoyed her "My Son’s Wearing A Skirt At Walmart …." blog post which included her fabulous and funny The 12-Days of Christmas: Dirty Half Dozen Style photos.  The day I read that post I was a little overwhelmed with the kids and her comment really resonated with me.
"I bet no one else’s cards looked anything like this. This was just The Dirty Half Dozen … just our family embracing that this is “us” and this is where we are."  

I don't have a half dozen, only a quarter dozen (aka three) but they and their Dad are my world.  So in true THRIVE style I'm rocking what I've got - 3 crazy, unpredictable kids who, as you can see by the pictures, were truly embracing their Percy-ness. 

Thank you Nike - you ROCK!

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