Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kate Inglish Designs - Seven Questions in Seven Minutes





Twitter: katesKID

1. What is your favourite Colour?
Vibrant/fuchsia pink

2. What is your favourite font?
Century Gothic

3. Who would you like to be stuck next to on a long haul plane trip?
Anthony Keidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers, I could listen and watch him the whole time and not get bored...sorry hubby :)

4. Who taught you the basics of your craft? 

5. What is your favourite item in your range? Why?
My newborn gift boxes, as they are a beautiful keep sake item for the little one when they grow up to look back on and think "OMG I was that small once" 

6. What is your best seller?
The Jungle theme, for boys and girls

7. If there was an academy award for handmade and you won it, to whom would you thank?
My family and friends 1st for all the amazing help and support they given me and the loyal fans who have bought and continue to buy from Kate Inglish Designs and the other "crafties" out there like yourself who support amazing mum's working from home!

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I was fortunate to meet the talented Kate at the Shoalhaven Baby and Toddler Expo in 2010.  Its been an honour to get to know Kate and to network with her and other South Coast business women since the Expo. 

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Kittyandzac said...

Hi Kate,
Love your work :-)
We met you at the Baby Expo Nowra and purchased the little monkey Tee for my grandson Lachlan.
Its great to see mums getting out there and having a go and still being able to spend time at home with the most important people in their world 'their kids'
Kerrie from Kittyandzac