Friday, January 21, 2011

Being true to me ...

I just read this interesting article in Crochet! Magazine Newsletter title 'Making Crochet Pay'.  What I found most interesting was this tid bit.
Crochet patterns are protected by copyright like other published material, so you need to adhere to certain rules if you want to market a design. Patterns you wish to sell must be your own original design. You cannot copy something made by another designer and just make a minor change. If you do get inspired by something you saw in your favorite magazine or on the Internet, you can create your own version, but there must be at least three major changes other than the color to avoid copyright infringement.
I've heard a lot about copying of late and I think its brave when people are passionate about their businesses and stand up for themselves.  Our little businesses are our babies and its only natural that we should bee very protective of them.

I've been lucky, I haven't had any direct copying of my designs but I'm always on the look out.  I must admit I keep my design drawings, which are all dated, and I usually double check Etsy and to make sure that I haven't created something exactly the same as someone else by sheer coincidence.

Updated Alexis Beanie in Cotton  by C Percy Designs
Child Size $28.00 plus postage

I love coming up with something new - copying is boring, there is no thrill in it, their is no flair, there is no branding the item with my style.

Have you been copied?  How did you deal with it?

*Unfortunately this blog has been edited.  One person's support has been misunderstood as abuse by another. 

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Quirky Kids said...

One particular one, I have mentioned the similarity on one thing, as it got to me that I would put up something new then a week later they would have it to. Given that you know I handuct all my deisgns you could see why I would bring it up with the person.

Now it has gotten way out of hand and I just can't be bothered dealing with it, I am a big beleiver in karma, so I know one day it will come back to bite them.

I do also beleive some tact should be taken when acussing some one of copying. I also beleive items that have been around for decades, cant really be copyrighted - if that makes sense.

Unless you design your own fabric, create your own product from scratch (true handmade ;P) you have to expect people doing similar stuff.