Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Temptations of the Tangerine Temptress

Felt cassette tape brooch "mix tape 4" by FELT-TASTIC

An old friend contacted me today via Facebook.  He found some old letters from me circa '94-96 back when I had just left the safety of high school and I was facing the confusing adult world which involved boys, emotions and hormones.  Back then there was this re-occurring theme, it involved a gorgeous and intelligent boy; this boy, who is now very much a man, kept popping in and out of my life, he tugged on my heart strings, messed with my head, expanded my world and loved me.

He was there when I met my best friend Andrew and there again when I met my Husband.  I have changed a lot since then but the confusing, fun, impulsive and intense memories are still very clear in my mind. 


ParentRooms.com.au said...

oh gawd, is the boy who's now a man Kieran? woulda been fun having an old friend get back in touch though to revive old memories.

C Percy Designs said...

Sorry to disappoint but this post isn't about Kieran. We were never an item, just good friends.