Thursday, November 04, 2010

I think I spend more time on the computer than crocheting!

I conducted my first sale last night and it was a ... flop.  Yeap that's right a complete flop.  A sale would have been good.   I didn't really expect much of a response as it it Summer here in Oz and who wants to buy a beanie in this weather. I also wanted to test out my Ecwid storefront, which in a way was tested.

I've been pretty impressed with Ecwid  until today. I've had no issues with it, its very easy to use, I love its format and the fact that its free.  By putting my sale items on Ecwid I got to know the program better and I was very impressed with my efforts.  I have been wondering lately why people haven't been using my Ecwid storefront and upon investigation this morning I realised it was my postage calculations.   I thought I had it all worked out but noooooooooooo!  The bloody thing has been overcharging the postage costs, in some cases it was more than the item.  No wonder I didn't even have a sale, who would by something for $3.80 and pay $10.00 in postage!! 

So today I spend most of my spare time (aka house cleaning time) trying to sort it out and I think I've got it to work.  Which has led me to think
"I spend more time on the computer than crafting
- can this be right?"
How many of us are taken away from doing the things we love, the thing that inspires us and that helps us get through the other challenges that come our way.

Today was a great example, its a beautiful wet day here, just perfect to pull out some wool and make something cute but as you already know that wasn't the case.  I'd really like to know the secret on how to better balance the housework, crafting and the business/computer work. Admittedly I quiet like blogging (so typing this isn't arduous) and I am a little addicted to Facebook (okay a lot).  And to be honest I also love playing in Photoshop, but, yes there is always a but, all of this computer based stuff does take me away from the hook. 

How do you do it? You know, get the balance right.

* * * * * * * *
UPDATE:  since writing this post and fixing the postage I've had a few sales.  Yeah I'm feeling a lot less deflated.  2 of the sales were local, which I think is great, it means my efforts in the real world are working :)


robyn lee said...

Yes I totally get it!!!I plan to get on for 10 minutes or so - 3 hours later....what a b.....about your facebook sale - looks like you have sorted it though. Again your hooking is wicked!
Robyn Lee x

C Percy Designs said...

Thanks Robyn - on the bright side I've been able to get to know my Ecwid storefront better.

Belinda said...

I hear you! I would much rather be spending time crafting rather than working out the illogical workings of the computer stuff! (And here I am on the computer again).
As a positive to you, I really like your store and it was your store that has got me looking at ecwid for my own. But again, I seem to spend so much time working it out rather than creating! Must remember to check the postage details!!
Hope the sale goes well now.

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

Thank you very much kisses from Paris

Qetzal said...

> "No wonder I didn't even have a sale, who would by something for $3.80 and pay $10.00 in postage!!"

Hi, do you need any help with shipping set up? We will be glad to help you.

Eugene from Ecwid team

Belinda said...

I'm now suffering in the shipping section too - everything else seems to be easy enough! Do I go to the ecwid forum?

Qetzal said...

> "I'm now suffering in the shipping section too - everything else seems to be easy enough! Do I go to the ecwid forum?"

Yes, please create a new thread on our forums, describe the rates you want to have and we will help you.