Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Percy Petit PP is the Winnter!!

Thanks for all the great name suggestions.  In the end we came up with our own name which was inspired by Dianne from Little Fish Creations and Melanie from Wiccked.

Percy Petit means Little Percy. 
The PP stands for philanthropy project.

Initially I liked  I liked PocoPercy PP as I thought it meant Little Percy.  I liked it because this project is, in a way, a little sister to C Percy Designs.  But Isabel promptly informed me that  "Poco" means "little as in quantity few" which sounds a little degrading in Spanish.  

Isabel noted that "The word you mean would be pequeno/a or chiquito/a  but as a brand it doesn't sound as good as in English".  Isabel suggested Petit, which sounds great in both English and Spanish - who would of thought it would be that complicated!

So here we have it, Percy Petit PP.  The logo is an abridged version of the C Percy Designs logo which was crated by the amazing Tamara at Tamara Sirl Designs.

Check out what Tamara had to say about creating my logo at


Margaret said...

Nice design. It is so creative and i like it a lot. Simple and effective. Nice sharing and keep posting.
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robyn lee said...

Love the Name... very creative.