Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reduce Recycle Reuse

Size 2.5 mm hooks are very slim and I have a son who thinks that bending them is fun @#$%!!

The other day I had an order to make a Fashion Doll set and I really needed my 2.5 mm hook but even thought I taped it together there was no way I could crochet with it.  What to do?

That same day I was reading one of my favourite blogs Isabelle Kessedjian - okay I wasn't reading it, I was just lookng at the photos because its in French, yes I know about Google translate - anyway she had a post about reusing spent plastic pen casing to make crochet hooks easier to hold. 

What a great idea, but an even better one was to use the casing to make my bent hook reusable again.


bec said...

yaaaaay! thats such a great idea ;)

bec said...
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