Monday, September 13, 2010

Part 3 - Girl Power

Then one day 3 things happened to Isabel.

1. She found out that Maribel could crochet.  D'ah Guatemala has a long history with the mighty crochet hook - we've all seen those wonderful tapestry crochet bags!

2. Isabel's daughter received many lovely comments about some knitted clothing her newborn baby was wearing.  Many people wanted to know where she had purchased this beautiful items from.


3.  She was cruising Facebook one day and stumbled across her friend Christine's business page on - C Percy Designs.

Funny how it thing always come in 3s.  So Isabel suggested to her maid that maybe she should start her own crochet business, like her friend Christine, so she could earn money and be independent.

{Just between you and me, things in Guatemala are a little different different to here in Australia.  Sure, we all have dreams and for many of us its to find a person to love and start a family.  But women's liberation hasn't happened yet in Guatemala.  In Maribel's village, if she was to move back home and get married she would lose all of her independence.  In Guatemala it appears that men try to control their women by not allowing them to work, making them dependent on them.  Someone like intelligent, hardworking Maribel would be forced to stay home, she potentially would be treated badly, as the poor women are still second class citizens with little or no rights and she would have no choice at all over her life and those of her children.  With money comes independence.  With money and independence comes choice.}

Unfortunately Maribel currently lacks the education, know how and expertise to do this.  To be honest it would be just too difficult for her to even dream of, let alone start.

This got Isabel thinking ...

Why not combine forces with Christine! 
Christine has a similar the business already set up and branded.  Isabel has the education and experience to run a small business, plus she has access to the Guatemalan social class that can afford and have the desire to purchase boutique children's wear.  And lastly Maribel has the skills to make the items to be sold!
Project Independence has been born.  
Together they decided to create a small business using C Percy Design's patterns and business model.  It was agreed that a sister brand to CPD would be created.  Isabel will look after the business side of things in Guatemala and Maribel will be the talent creating the wares to sell.  The majority of profits made would go to Maribel and hopefully enable her to further her education, with the hope that  she will eventually start her own business and maybe in the future help her to help other women in her village.   

And that's where the story ends ... 
actually it hasn't ended its only really just began.
Now all we need is a name?  
Can you help?  We have a logo but no name!
So what's in it for you?  Well the person who suggests the winning name will win an item of their choice from C Percy Designs catalog (to the value of $28 AUD).

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This competition is open world wide and first round ends 20th September 2010.  You can enter as many times as you like.  To make a suggestion either
- Leave your suggestion on the 'Sister Brand Name' board under the Discussion tab on CPD Facebook page -
- Leave a comment on this blog; or
- Email Christine at
Voting on the top 5 suggestions will start on 21st September and will run for 5 days.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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danapee said...

This is inspired!!!!

Love, love, love the idea, it's empowering, inspirational, and brilliant! Well done Christine and Isabel!

What about 'Babybel' or 'Christabel'? or 'Aussiemala'?

(Just thinking through my keyboard).

This really is a great idea guys, I'm honoured to call you wonderful businesswomen my friends.

sue said...

What a fantastic idea how about Maribeloo for a name

ChallenCharms said...

My suggestion is Marabel Crochet (combined names and crochet element) or Marismala (both names and Guatemala reference).

Little Fish Creations said...

Hi Christine, what about "little sheep found" to marry the logo with the talent that was "found" in this story



Bobkin said...

This has made my day. Wonderful work girls. Keep spreading the joy and filling our hearts with hope.

Cheers Vanessa

alliecat said...

What a wonderful enterprise!

What about Adorable Crochet Treaures, or ACT because that is what you are doing, acting on a situation.

But I like most of the other suggestions too!

melanie said...

or Babybella
or JoliBella

or (since spanish for beautiful is actually bello not bella)

This is a fabulous idea, I hope it really takes off!