Friday, May 14, 2010

a LiLLie bug

A big THANK YOU to a LiLLie bug for their donation of a fitted bamboo Nappy which will be part of the Shoalhaven Group of the Australian Breastfeeding Associations' 2010 raffle.

This is the perfect addition to our raffle hamper as many ABAers also use modern cloth nappies (me being one of them).  I had a good look at the donated nappy and I was very impressed with its overall quality but best of all the amount of snaps which fasten the nappy together - there are enough provided to enable you to use these on your little one for a good 12 months (or more).

Not only does a LiLLie bug make beautifully made nappies, they also make some lovely dresses, stroller liners, pants, sleep wear, wall hangers and more!

For further information about a LiLLie Bug go to their online store at

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The Shoalhaven group is currently raising funds to buy a new breast pump which they can hire out at very reasonable prices to breastfeeding Mums in the Shoalhaven area.

Breast Pumps have come along way in the last 10 years and our old one wasn't up to scratch, why would you hire our big old single electric pump when there are smaller, lighter double models on offer!  Most ABA Groups have breast pumps for hire, the funds from the hire is usually used to run breastfeeding Community Education seminars and Breastfeeding Classes for expectant mothers and there partners. 

Please note:  I am a member of the Shoalhaven Group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

2 comments: said...

hey chris, do you guys want other products for your raffle? is there anything in particular you are after for the raffle hamper? i have jewellery, kids bath products, laundry products etc.
Bek xx

A Lillie Bug said...

Oh I am so chuffed with that!!! I just found this by fluke!!!
Oh and you posted a picture of my darling little Amelia!
Thank you for the wonderful positive comments about my nappies!
ooo i hope they raise heaps!!!