Monday, April 19, 2010

Lillipilli Lane

I met the lovely Keryn of Lillipilli lane when I joined the Madeit forum.  She was one of the first members to welcome me to the forum.  Her welcome was the embodiment of how friendly the madeit forum is.  

Recently Keryn had the amazing opportunity of using Becks Photography Brisbane and models to showcase her beautiful clothes - something I can only dream about.  

Lillipill Lane specialises in fresh and unique handmade clothing, accessories and home-wares.  Vintage*Retro*Eco Organic inspired with a touch of the modern. 
Her handmade clothing is designed to be ‘Easy-wear and Easy-care’ and to bring joy to the wearer.


Raewyn said...

Those pics are lovely! Lucky lady she is!

Lillipilli Lane said...

Thank you very much Christine - so nice to have your support : ) Opportunities come to us all and I think its key that we are pretty good at helping each other too!

becksphotography said...
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becksphotography said...

great networking, its such a great thing to be able to help each other out where we can! :D