Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Doily Hunt

Lately I've noticed and increase use of the good old Doily and the fact that they are a little harder to find in Op Shops these days.  Personally I love them and have used them in my home since I got furniture that I didn't want to get marked.

Chicken Inc Creative posted a link to the U Create blog the other day on Facebook.  It confirmed my observations.

As seen on U Create

Here are some great finds that I found on that all recycle Nana's doilies.  See you should of hung on to them.
Little Wise Owl
Poppy Lane
Char's Treasures
Moose and Bird
Little People Clothing
Pork Chop
Sweet at Things
Calamity Bolt

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lulufroufrou said...

Lovely Madeit picks - I'm doily fan. I recently dyed a heap to use at my market stall - they came up a treat!