Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Doily Hunt

Lately I've noticed and increase use of the good old Doily and the fact that they are a little harder to find in Op Shops these days.  Personally I love them and have used them in my home since I got furniture that I didn't want to get marked.

Chicken Inc Creative posted a link to the U Create blog the other day on Facebook.  It confirmed my observations.

As seen on U Create

Here are some great finds that I found on that all recycle Nana's doilies.  See you should of hung on to them.
Little Wise Owl
Poppy Lane
Char's Treasures
Moose and Bird
Little People Clothing
Pork Chop
Sweet at Things
Calamity Bolt

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy birthday Imagination in flight

To celebrate Imagination In Flight's 1st birthday they are having a big giveaway! Stop by their blog for all the details.


They are also having a sale in both their Madeit and Etsy shops. Stop by for some great bargains.

Crochet for Bears - Review by Planet June

Planet June has done a great review of the latest book by Amy O’Neill Houck 'Crochet for Bears to Wear: More Than 20 Perfect Projects for Your Favorite Teddies and Friends'

I can't wait to buy this book.  It looks so cute.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lillipilli Lane

I met the lovely Keryn of Lillipilli lane when I joined the Madeit forum.  She was one of the first members to welcome me to the forum.  Her welcome was the embodiment of how friendly the madeit forum is.  

Recently Keryn had the amazing opportunity of using Becks Photography Brisbane and models to showcase her beautiful clothes - something I can only dream about.  

Lillipill Lane specialises in fresh and unique handmade clothing, accessories and home-wares.  Vintage*Retro*Eco Organic inspired with a touch of the modern. 
Her handmade clothing is designed to be ‘Easy-wear and Easy-care’ and to bring joy to the wearer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Discount Conditions

Because its my birthday today (18th April) I'm offering a 18% discount to 4 of my Facebook Fans.

  • Must be a Facebook Fan -
  • 18% discount applies to ONE ITEM ONLY from the range on offer at my Madeit and Etsy Stores.  This does not include custom order blankets.
  • Discount will be given to the first 4 people who contact me at 
  • Postage will not be discounted.
  • Items will be posted 5 business days after full payment has been received.
  • Payments are to be made via DIRECT DEPOSIT and directly through C Percy Designs (NOT through Madeit or Etsy)
  • An email confirming your order, the discounted price, and postage costs will be sent upon receipt of your initial email.  An email confirming your acceptance is expected. 
Ashleigh Beanie
Sizes 000 to 1 can be made $18.00 (plus P&H)
Size 2-4 years are $20 each (plus P&H)
Size 4-6 years are $22 each (plus P&H)

(18% discount = $14.75)
(18% discount = $16.40)
(18% discount = $18.00)

    Skater Boy Beanie
    Sizes 000 to 1 can be made $12.00 plus $1.10 P&H
    Size 2-4 years are $14.00 plus $1.10 P&HSize 4-6 years are $16.00 plus $1.10 P&H

    (18% discount = 9.85)
    (18% discount = 11.50)
    (18% discount = 13.10)

    Standard Hair Clips

    $3.45 plus 55c P&H
    (18% discount = $2.85)

    Fashion Doll Party Dress
    $10.00 plus $1.10 P&H
    (18% discount = $8.20)

        Saturday, April 17, 2010

        About me ...

        Do you want to know what I look like?

        Want to know more about me?

        Go over to the Handmade Cooperative - Handmade for Kids blog and check out my interview as this week's Clever Crafter.

        Friday, April 16, 2010

        Be an informed beanie shopper

        All items that are crocheted are done by hand (there is no machine that can crochet) but you need to also weight up some other things as well. That is the quality of the wool/yarn used and the workmanship of the creator.

        Of late I've seen some great looking beanies but have been disappointed with the yarn used, many use a cheap cotton or a scratchy synthetic.  NB  I'm not knocking the workmanship of these items I'm highlighting the use of cheap/inferior yarns.

        I found out today that these beanies have an individual wholesale price of $US2.50, they are then passed off to you the buyer for between $AU15-20.  As a SAHM and WAHM on a limited income I know the lure of buying a cheaper product but I'm asking shoppers and lovers of Australian handmade to consider your purchase choice and if the winter beanie you are buying is in fact warmer.  See my blog 'Wool is just wool - isn't it?' for more information.

        When you consider a beanie purchase consider:

        Where has it come from. Has it come from a sweat shop in China, India, illegal aliens in a western country?  How many kms did it take to get to you?

        What its made out of?  How environmentally friendly is product that has been used to create this item.

        If you are in Australia, is it Australian made?  Are you supporting Australian industries ie the creator and the wool/yarn producer.

        I was disappointed the other month when I was at an Australian handmade market to see identical beanies at two different stalls.  'How could this be?' I thought. Upon further investigation I found out that these beanies were not made by the stall holder and weren't even made in Australia.  How can that be Australian Handmade?

        I can't compete with a $US2.50 wholesale beanie on cost but I can on quality. All my products are made with love BY ME using 100% pure new Australian Wool.  As a variety of Australian cotton colours are harder to find I always endeavour to use Australian cotton but if this is not the case I will state it in my product summary. 

        Next time you purchase a beanie ask:  

        1. Who made it? 
        2. If not by the stall holder, ask if its a fair trade item?  
        3. What is it made out of?  
        4. Where did that wool/yarn come from?

        My rant is now over you can now get back to your lives.

        Sunday, April 11, 2010

        Right on the [Crochet] Spot

        I really enjoy reading what Rachel from Crochet Spot has to say on her blog.  She is a great Crochet Designer who graciously shares her creations with her fans.  

        An example of her writing style and an insight into the honest nature of Rachel go to her Book Review of  Stacey Trock’s Cuddly Crochet book.  

        Become a Fan of Rachel today on Facebook.  Go to her online store to purchase one of her great designs.  

        Wednesday, April 07, 2010

        Crochet for little Angels

        A few years ago I was shopping in Mooroolbark and I saw in the window of a shop front a beautifully made crocheted blanket.  I took a closer look, as you don't see such things in windows very often, and found out this was the shop front for the SIDs and Kids' Treasured Babies Programme (TBP). I pushed my pram into the shop and enquired what they do, and when I found out that I could volunteer my skills to this worthy organisation I started using up any wool left over from gifts I was making for babies who were welcomed into this world for ones who didn't.

        I've been very blessed to have 3 pregnancy's which have produced 3 healthy children but I have seen the strain on friends who have had their hopes shattered by their loss.  Its a devastating time for everyone, especially the parents but also for their family and close friends who are excited by the joy of a new little someone coming into the world.

        So now when I'm taking a break from CPD I make a beanie, cardigan and booties for the programme.  Below is an extract from the TBP website which describes what they do.

        The Treasured Babies Programme aims to support newly bereaved families by having gestation-appropriate Gifts for Treasured Babies given immediately to the newly-bereaved families.These Gifts would typically contain handmade, correctly sized clothing (eg.Nappy, nightgown, matinee jacket, hat, bootees, blanket) and literature such as a naming certificate, booklets about perinatal death, and support pamphlets to help families.
        Treasured Babies Program Boots

        Dressing their deceased baby helps parents to “normalise” the experience. Parents are more inclined to spend time with their baby when he or she is dressed—the clothes give them silent permission to be a mum or dad and to cry. Spending quality time with their baby helps parents to come to terms with their grief in the months to come and gives them some precious memories to hold onto. This helps parents (and their other children) to grieve and eventually put their lives back together. Simple actions like dressing, bathing and taking photos of their baby are very important to the grieving process. Any photos taken become precious because there will not be any more opportunities in the future. Having tangible memories helps parents to remember, to grieve and to be able to share the experience of their newborn with their support network.The literature included in the Treasured Baby Gift answers many of the immediate questions that parents have with regard to their newly born child. It also lets them know of the various support organisations available within the community they can access, particularly once they leave the care of their hospital.

        The Naming Certificates are a very important way of acknowledging babies who die under 20 weeks gestation because these babies are legally recognised as a ‘miscarriage’ and do not receive a Birth Certificate. Neither hospitals nor parents are charged for these services, so the Programme is fully funded by donations and sponsorship.

        To find out more about the TBP go to

        Monday, April 05, 2010

        Wooah Horsey

        I met Elke from Calamity Bolt at the Billycart Markets the other week but I felt like I knew her already as she's an active member of MadeIt forum.

        At the markets I was able to finally have a good look at her beautiful horses.  What can I say ... they are divine, beautifully made and are of heirloom quality.  If you think the photos look great, you'll be amazed at how wonderful they are real life.

        If there is a little person in your life who you would like to spoil then this is the gift for them.

        Photos courtesy of Billycart Markets.