Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wool is just wool isn't it? No not really.

When you go into the Wool/Yarn section of say Spotlight or some other store that sells crocheting or knitting products you will find a lot of great looking yarns which you would call 'Wool' but "The term wool is usually restricted to describing the fibrous protein derived from the specialized skin cells called follicles in sheep." (Wikipedia).

Many of the items in this section are in fact Acrylic Yarn.  Acrylic Yarns are man made and can be cheaper hence why when I first started crocheting I used it.  Now days I'd like to call my self a Wool Snob and I won't touch acrylic  - once you work with a good quality wool you'll never go back!!

In the past I thought that Pure Wool was:

1. Expensive - No its not, you just have to shop around.  I buy my wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills, there products are great and the prices are reasonable, they are very competitive and worth looking at.

2. Itchy - Again No it isn't.  You just have to select a good quality wool.  I use 'Luxury' Wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  I've got very sensitive skin and I've found this wool doesn't itch me, I use this over their Classic range as its slightly rougher on my skin. .

3. Hard to wash - Again its a BIG NO.  I must admit I was afraid of wool.  I had the preconception that that it wasn't machine washable.  Its true some wool is hand wash only but the wool I've been using is machine washable.  Its so easy to do, I simply put it in one of those protective mesh bags, pop it in the machine and when its washed I lay it flat in the shade on a table - usually under my verandah or if the weather is a bit crap on a towel on my dinning room table.  I turn it over once one side is fairly dry (but you don't have to) and I am always surprised how quick it does dries.

I like the fact that Wool is a Natural fiber, its sustainable, biodegradable, breathable and to be honest I think its classy.

Yarn Forward note that the benefits of Wool vs acrylic yarn are:

Pure Wool:
It is warmer than acrylic
It is less likely to pill than an acrylic, though the more expensive acrylics are also less prone to pill
It will last longer
It keeps it shape better
    Acrylic yarn are:
    It is generally cheaper than wool
    It is moth proof
    Generally, it can be machine washed and machine dried, but read the ball band first!
    It is mainly non-allergenic
      So why not give a Pure Wool a go.  Personally I think its a superior product.  My tip is to always read the care label.  If you are kind to your crocheted garment than it will be kind to you. 

      Crocheted items made by C Percy Designs are predominately  made using natural fibers (Cotton, Wool and Bamboo) produced in Australian.  All of my products have a care label, which have been custom made by Remember Wynn.

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